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  • Competitive Prices like no other in the market.

  • FREE delivery door to door.

  • All Risk warranty during the whole process of handling/transportating/delivery is included.

  • Quick Delivery and order processing.

  • Quality Guarantee. You will use top tier raw materials for your project.

  • Global Customer Network in 14 Countries Worldwide. 

  • We run 3 operational offices in Luxembourg, Greece and U.S.A

  • BIO Certified products complied with all quality standards.

  • Always on line. Best of class customer service 24/7 365 days/year.

What We Offer 

  1. Wholesale essential oils in INOX drums, steel drums or glass bottles

  2. Wholesale essential oils in luxurious packaging

  3. Tailor-made solutions

1. Premium Wholesale essential oils 

INOX 18/10 

10 lt

25 lt

Specialized Steel Drums

50 lt

Glass bottles

250 ml

50 lt

100 lt

100 lt

180 lt

500 ml

1000 ml

2. Wholesale essential oils in Luxurious packaging

White matt package with rich gold UV stamping

Black matt glass bottle

3.Tailor-made solutions

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